Photovoltaic systems

Hi Technology deals with the design, technical management, installation, testing and connection to the national grid of photovoltaic systems. The company provides a package of complete and detailed documents of the installed components, the necessary certifications and warranties concerning the use of the systems. The company undertakes, from his office, the monitoring and the constant control of the built photovoltaic systems. This enables the company to operate promptly with a maintenance service if necessary. The monitoring service is available on line also for the Client who can control at any time the energy production of his own system.
Hi Technology is the ideal partner both for the construction of small-sized plants and for large photovoltaic parks thanks to the proven experience in the installation of integrated and not-integrated systems.

Cogeneration systems

In a conventional system of electric energy production more than a half of the energy is dissipated by heat during the production and the distribution process. Thanks to cogeneration the produced heat from combustion is not dissipated and it is used in situ. Today, thanks to the reduction of the costs of components, it is possible to build systems for all the users who need not only the normal demand of winter heating but also water requirements for sanitary purpose or for industrial process. Hi Technology designs and builds these systems. Hi Technology starts by providing a technical and economical feasibility study, and then it supplies the optimal design solution, the consultancy for public authorizations, the implementation, the management and the maintenance of the systems.

Geothermal systems

Hi Technology designs and builds low temperature geothermal systems with heat pump, by using leader brand equipment and certified perforation processes. The company is responsible for the execution of the entire system by assisting the Customer from the feasibility study to the correct management of the plant.

Wind systems

Hi Technology designs and builds wind and small-sized wind systems. The company assists their Clients in all the execution phases: site assessment through feasibility studies and anemometric analysis, plant design, authorization process, assistance in project financing, request of connection to the national grid, installation, assembling, plant testing, assistance in management, maintenance and monitoring.

Energy Management

Hi Technology offers their Customers an integrated approach to the energy management, thanks to the experience gained in more than 10-year activity and to detailed skills such as innovative technologies of energy efficiency, environmental involvement of energetic uses, electric energy and gas market, techniques of assessment of energy saving, methodologies of economic as¬sessment of the projects and technical legislation. Energy audit, automated monitoring of consumption, organiza¬tion of energy

Electric systems

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